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How to Make a Reservation


Please contact us by phone or e-mail with your date, number of guests and desired content.

Tentative Reservation

Please contact us within a month of the tentative reservation date and confirm if the event will still be held or not.


Cancellations made within a month before reservation date will attract a cancellation fee.


Day before or day of event: 100% / 2 or 3 days before event: 50%
4-7 days before event: 30% / 1 month - 8 days before event: 10%

The cancellation fee may vary depending on the plan. Please contact us for details.

Contact: Valley of Gangala +81-98-948-4192 

Precautions at the time of hall rental

Limitation of usage purpose

The Company may cancel a reservation or refuse to use if a customer falls into any of the following conditions.

  • The Company determines there would be offensive to public order and morals or violation of law
  • Usage purpose for politics, religion, or specific ideology/thought
  • The Company recognizes it as unappropriate usage
  • Usage content of the day is different from the content in application
    ※Please note that the Company shall not be responsible for clearly indicating a reason for usage limitation.
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Privacy policy

NANTO INC. Valley of Gangala (“the Company”, hereafter) shall promote a protection of personal information while defining the following privacy policy contents, setting a structure for the privacy policy, and thoroughly familiarizing all of our employees with recognition and effort for importance on the personal information protection.

Management of personal information

The Company shall conduct a strict management of personal information with safety measures as maintaining an accurate and latest condition for our customer’s personal information and taking necessary steps such as security system maintenance, management system support, complete employee eduction for prevention of unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage in terms of personal information.

Utilization purpose of personal information

Any information collected from our customers shall be utilized only for communication, service guidance, and reply for inquiry.

Prohibition for disclosure/provision of personal information to the third party

The Company shall appropriately manage personal information collected from our customers and shall not disclose any personal information to the third party except the following cases.

• Customer agrees with information disclosure
• The Company discloses personal information to entrustor/subcontractor for services requested by customer
• Official requirement to disclose personal information in accordance with the laws/regulations

Security measures for personal information

The Company shall take absolute security measures for securing accuracy/safety of personal information.

Personal verification

When a customer requests verification, revision, or deletion for his/her own personal information, the Company shall carry out such request after confirming customer’s personal verification.

Compliance and review of laws/regulations and rules

The Company shall comply with the Japanese laws/regulations applied to the collected personal information and other rules while reviewing and improving the privacy policy contents accordingly.


Please contact us with the following contact regarding any inquiry of our personal information management.
202 Tamagusuku Maekawa, Nanjo City, Okinawa, Japan 901-0616

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