Venue Details/Pricing

Valley of Gangala CAVE PARTY Pricing Plans

Venue Capacity

Facility Name Venue Name Size Holding Capacity
Valley of Gangala Cave Café 220㎡ Party (seated)/100 seats
Party (standing)/180 people
Theatre/350 seats
Standing/600 people

Hall Rental Prices

Rental Style 17:00~22:00 15:00~22:00 Notes
Venue usage fees (Including time for equipment assembly / removal) ¥150,000 ¥250,000 Venue rental + basic lighting. For tailored events.

Party Plan Prices (Refer to pamphlet p4 - p7)

Party Plan (Two hours between 18:00 and 21:00) Prices (Per person) Capacity Plan Outline
Full Course Plan
(Including service charges / Drinks charged separately)
Premium Full Course Plan ¥29,000 Seated 30-75 people Premium full course meal focusing on local ingredients in collaboration with the Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa.
Resort Full Course Plan ¥24,000 Seated 30-100 people Special resort-themed full course meal in collaboration with Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa.
Buffet Style Plan
(Including basic drinks)
Hotel Chef Buffets Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa ¥14,500 Stand-up style 50-180 people (Seating available for 100 guests. Chairs charged separately) High-grade buffet featuring a mix of 20 Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine items prepared in collaboration with the Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa.
Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa ¥12,000 Special hotel chef buffet featuring a colorful mix of 15 Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine items prepared in collaboration with Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa.
Stylish Casual Plan(Including basic drinks) ¥11,000 Stand-up style 50-120 people Special catering in collaboration with a popularItalian restaurant in Naha. Includes appetizers, pizza,salads and desserts.

*Prices are per person, and include venue, table settings, basic lighting and food.
*The plan including basic drinks includes 2 hours of all-you-can-drink craft beer, Awamori liquor, and soft drinks.
*This can be upgraded to include wine (red/white), whiskey, highballs, and two kinds of cocktails for an extra ¥1,000 per person.

Entertainment Pricing Examples (Refer to pamphlet p8)

Genre Price Time Notes
Live music Okinawan singing (2 singer) From ¥80,000 Roughly 20 min Live Sanshin/Okinawan singing
Okinawan dance (2 dancer) From ¥80,000 Roughly 20 min Okinawan traditional dance
Lion dance From ¥130,000 Roughly 20 min Ritual dance by a performer with a lion mask
Live jazz (2-person ensemble) From ¥100,000 Roughly 25 min Electric piano, vocals, etc
Latin band (5-person ensemble) From ¥200,000 Roughly 30 min Audio equipment for band charged separately

*Please inform us of your desired entertainment: Traditional dances, Okinawan singing, jazz, Latin band, etc.

Activity Program Prices (Refer to pamphlet p8)

Program Name Prices (Per person) Time Required Program Outline
Valley of Gangala guided tour ¥1,500 Roughly 60 min Riddle-solving game-style teambuilding. Teams cooperate as they work their way around the Valley of Gangala.
ナゾトキアドベンチャー® Search for treasure hidden within the dense forest of the eternal sanctuary - the “Valley of Gangala” ¥4,000 Roughly 100 min An original riddle-solving game-style program around the Valley of Gangala. Find out what awaits you in the end!
Private Areas of Gyokusendo Tropical Cave Exploration ¥4,000 Roughly 180 min Explore the private areas of Gyokusendo with a guide. Participants wear matching exploration gear, and make their way through the unlit and undeveloped caves.

*Can be changed to a sightseeing/indoor program held at Okinawa World in the event of bad weather.

Prices for Audio Equipment/Projectors, Etc.

○Basic audio set (including operation)
YAMAHA STAGEPAS 500 3 non-wireless microphones, sound playback possible
・・・ ¥20,000
○Audio equipment set for bands (operation separate)
YAMAHA TF1、DXR15×4、DXR12×4、SHURE SM58×5・SM57×5
・・・ ¥80,000
Sound/lighting operator ・・・ From ¥50,000 each
○150 inch screen/projector ・・・ ¥50,000

※Please feel free to discuss any other lighting/sound arrangements

Equipment Rental Prices (Partial)

○Round tables (Diameter 90cm) ・・・ Each ¥1,000
○Tablecloths ・・・ Each ¥500
○Parasols ・・・ Each ¥500
○Dining chairs ・・・ Each ¥500 Maximum 120
○Pipe chairs ・・・ Each ¥200 Maximum 350
○Venue information sign ・・・ 300×50cm Each ¥30,000

※Various other signs, flower arrangements, candles, etc., are available upon discussion.

*Prices are exclusive of consumption tax and current as of October 2016. Prices may change without notice, so please confirm details when you make your reservation.