Party Plans

Have an impressive party exceeding your imagination in a miraculous natural cavern with roughly 600 m² of space.


A private booking may be made in the evening to hold a variety of events at the Cave Cafe, including parties, seminars, and live music events.

Party Plan

・Full Course Plan ・Buffet Style Plan
Package plans including venue usage fees, table arrangement, and meals, etc. ※18:00~21:00(two hours)
We can arrange for a variety of artists. click here for details >

Hall Rental

For tailor-made parties and live events. ※15:00~22:00(includes time for set up and clean up)


Seated: Max. 100 seats
Stand-up Style Buffet: Max. 180 people
Theater: Max. 350 seats
Standing: Max. 600 people

Notice concerning use of Cave:
●Venue is a natural limestone cave, and as such, naturally falling droplets of water may occur.
●Venue is non-smoking.
●There is no air-conditioning equipment.
●Restrictions may be placed on sound levels to preserve the limestone cave.

Recent Awards / Achievements

  • The only entry from Japan on TripAdvisor’s “15 Mysterious Caves of the World to Visit Before You Die”
  • Recipient of the Prefectural Governor's Award in the 2014 Okinawa M.I.C.E. Content Contest
  • Included as an example in the Unique Venue Best Practice Compilation published by the Japan Tourism Agency in 2015
  • Party venue for the Okinawa M.I.C.E. Night held by Okinawa Prefecture / OCVB in 2015

*Current as of January 2016

Full Course Plan

Premium Full Course

A full course dinner brought to you by local resort hotels.
Enjoy meticulously prepared cuisine and high-class service in a mystical atmosphere.

Enjoy first-class hospitality together with a full-course dinner brought to you by the Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa, a global-brand hotel which has been included in TripAdvisor's Hall of Fame.

The full-course menu is imbued with a sense of the history and story of the Valley of Gangala. It includes plenty of local ingredients from the abundant natural environment such as island fruits and vegetables, fish from coastal waters, and local Okinawan Agu pork.

Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa Seiichiro Terajima Executive Chef Food and Beverage Department

Starting his career with Fujiya Hotels, he experienced working at the Westin Tokyo and other famous hotels before taking the position of executive chef at Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa. At the restaurant he takes care to provide cuisine with a focus on fresh local and seasonal ingredients.

Seated 30-75 people/1 person¥25,000 (Including drinks)

Toshihiro Satoh Executive Chef

Resort Full Course

A resort-style full course menu overflowing with Okinawan hospitality. A gorgeous cuisine lineup with each plate sure to awaken fresh emotion. Enjoy the hospitality on offer from chefs who have carefully selected ingredients and infused their cooking with their desire to bring you delight through dining.

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa

A large resort hotel in Itoman City, close to Naha Airport. Their motto is "Hospitality in the spirit of Anmaa*," and their service envelops their guests in an overflowing warmth.
*Anmaa / means "Mother" in the Okinawan dialect.

Seated 30-100 people/1 person¥20,000 (Including drinks)

Buffet Style Plan

Customize the buffet menu as you see fit for a carefree party experience.

We offer three kinds of buffet menus, including the Standard Buffet, which features a set of popular menu items ranging from appetizers through to deserts, the Churashima Buffet, which focuses on local Okinawan ingredients, and the Hotel Chef Buffet, which is brought to you in collaboration with a resort hotel. Enjoy together with an Okinawan drink menu featuring home-made craft beer, local Awamori liquor and Jasmine tea.

Hotel Chef Buffets

Higher-level dining experiences with high-grade buffets courtesy of chefs from popular resort hotels.

Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa

Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa

Stand-up style 50-180 people (Seating available for 100 guests. Chairs charged separately)
Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spa / 1 person¥13,500 (Including drinks)
Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa / 1 person¥11,000 (Including drinks)

Stylish Casual

An unrestrained assortment of appetizers
making abundant use of fresh Okinawan ingredients.
Local chickens, roasted whole over charcoal in the "huli-huli" style.
Toast in style with craft beer and authentic Neapolitan pizza!

Try a Brooklyn-style party brought to you by the SCARPETTERS, the catering team from the popular Italian restaurant BACAR in the prefectural capital of Naha. On offer are appetizers featuring home-made hams, seafood marinades and quiches, along with authentic Neapolitan pizza and local chickens splendidly roasted whole over charcoal. There is also the popular cave party plan that includes a set where you can enjoy all-you-can-drink homemade craft beer direct from the neighboring brewery.

Stand-up style 30-120 people/1 person¥10,000 (Including drinks)

*Menus may change according to the seasons.

Examples of Venue Layouts

Seated-style: 100 people

Seated-style:  100 people

Seated-style:  100 people

Standing-style: 180 people

Standing-style: 180  people

Standing-style: 180  people